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Painter, Architect, Poet

Ioannis Karalias is an architect, poet and painter born in Katerini, Greece. He studied at the University of Graz, Austria, at the University of Naples, Italy and at the University of Illinois, Chicago USA. Ioannis is the Vice President of the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and Chairman of the European Center Of Architecture Art and Design.


He has designed several large-scale installations at the Museum of  Design in London, as well as major exhibitions for the Chicago Athenaeum Museum in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Prague, Thessaloniki, Milan, and Warsaw, in Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.


Ioannis Karalias designed the Chicago Athenaeum’s 20-acre International Sculpture Park in Schaumburg of Illinois, U.S.A. He has also designed furniture for several major U.S companies and his work has been frequently exhibited at the Salon di Mobile in Milan.


He has participated in many exhibitions such as “Real Furniture/Fake Furniture”, “Five ChicagoArchitects”, “Seven Ancient Wonders of the World” and upon request from the Governor of Illinois, he designed the furniture for the new building of the State of Illinois.


As an architect, Ioannis Karalias has designed and renovated numerous private residences and cultural spaces in the United States and in Greece. As a poet, his latest book of poetry, Gatherings, was published by Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd in the United States.


As a painter, his works have been featured at major museums and galleries throughout Europe, South America and The 

United States.

Latest Exhibitions

- Gallery Athene, Drammen, Norway, 2012

- Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012

- Energy Athens, Contemporary Space Athens, Athens, Greece, 2012

- The Dubuque Experimental, Dubuque, Iowa, USA, 2013

- GDCA Gallery under the Auspieces of the Consulate General
   of Greece, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2013


- KraZiu M.K. Sarbievijaus Cultural Center, Kraziai, Lithuania, 2013

- Energy Athens, Contemporary Space Athens, Athens, Greece, 2014

- Arka Gallery, Under the Auspices of the Embassy of Greece,
   Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014


- Energy Athens, Contemporary Space Athens, Athens, Greece, 2016

- Estia N. Smyrnis, Athens, Greece, 2016

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